All services are based on each individuals natal chart. In order to schedule a service
You will need to provide the following information about yourself.
1.City,State,Country of birth 2.Month,Date,Year of birth 3.Exact Time of birth
If you do not know your exact birth time please contact us for more information.

Vedic Gemstone Prescription $300
For centuries Gemstones have been known to have numerous beneficial effects when they are prescribed and worn properly. Each Gemstone contains a particular kind of energy that corresponds to each specific planet. During this consultation you will be given the most appropriate Gemstones based on your individual natal chart. You will also be given instructions regarding how to wear your gemstones properly.
Available by phone or email.

Individual Question $300
During this consultation Adam will answer any specific question you may have.
Available by phone or email.

Natal Chart Reading
•60 minutes $750

This is the best place to begin if you are a new client and especially if you are new to the subject of Vedic Astrology. During this consultation you will be given a comprehensive interpretation of your natal birth chart, as well as a psychological profile. Adam will focus on various aspects of the chart including; career, relationships, health, and financial matters to name a few. In addition to providing deep insight into your past and present, the natal chart also indicates future trends and events you are likely to experience. This reading also includes a complementary Vedic Gemstone Prescription.
Available by phone or In-Person.

Compatibility Reading
•30 minutes $600

*A Minimum of One Natal Chart Reading is required for this consultation.
During this reading Adam will examine and compare the horoscope of two individuals in order to determine the level of compatibility.
Available by phone or In-Person.

Personal Reading
0 minutes $500
•40 minutes $650
•60 minutes $750
During your personal reading Adam will discuss any topic of your choice including energies that will be operating for you in the coming days, months, or year.
Available by phone or In-Person.

Auspicious Date Calculation $500 / Wedding Dates $1000
One of the most beneficial aspects of Vedic Astrology is the ability to calculate and predict auspicious dates for upcoming important events. Events such as; weddings, engagements, starting a new business, building , selling, or moving into a home are just a few. Adam will choose the most beneficial date for your special event to increase the probability of a successful outcome.
Available by phone or email.

Puja / Havan
* Natal Reading Required
These are ancient Vedic ceremonies composed of special prayers
or mantras that are performed by a highly trained Vedic Pandit.
By doing a Puja/Havan, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces
are created around us.  These spiritual forces work to eliminate the
negative influences in our life and help surround us with a positive
energy which can bring us peace of mind, material prosperity and
enable us to more clearly experience the divine, our true nature.
Please contact us for more information. Based on Natal Chart.